S-MORT Requirements

You must have FEMA Completion certificates in following:

IS 100

IS 200

IS 700

IS 800

These can be done on-line at FEMA website. FEMA.GOV  click on training follow the instructions. Print off certificate and E-Mail to Me. (dougw1@bellsouth.net)

Copy of Drivers Lic.

Letter from employer stating they are aware you have become a team member and they will let you off work to respond and attend training if possible.

Shirt Size:

Neck, sleeve length / s,m,l,xl,xxl

Pant Size:

Waist , Inseam

You must also go to ADPH, (Alabama Dept. Of Health) web site, click on be a volunteer, scroll down in box to SMORT, fill in all info.

You can forward all to me and I will get you in the notification system.